September 17, 2019 Acne

In all the years working as a beauty therapist there have been thousands of clients walking through the Sheer Elegance doors with problematic skin. Treating a problematic skin needs as much work on the inside as it does on the outside. In this article we are going to break down why/how we get blemishes, what supplements we can take to reduce them, skincare ingredients to help fight them and treatment recommendations.

Now, a pimple, pustule, papule, blackhead, whitehead, whatever if may be is typically a blockage and/or infection located in our hair follicle and the main problem occurs due to our oil quality. Attached to each hair follicle is what we call a Sebaceous Gland and this gland is responsible for producing sebum (oil). Our sebum is meant to be a fluid, watery consistency which can easily slip up the hair follicle and onto our skins surface with no breakouts occurring where it will help nourish and protect our skin. What is happening in a breakout-prone skin is that the oil is thicker and gluggier than it should be so when it is trying to escape the hair follicle it is instead creating a blockage. When we create a blockage we get an infection and then a breakout. In order to return the oil to a more watery, free-flowing substance we need to get your sebum back to a more fluid consistency so it is no longer blocking those pesky hair follicles! The best way to do this is by introducing a high quality Essential Fatty Acid supplement into your daily routine to correct sebum quality and thickness which will help unblock the skin from the inside out and also create a healthier functioning skin again. We recommend using DMK’s EFA Tablets taking one in the morning and one at night. If your skin is quite severely acneic we may recommend 2 in the morning and 2 at night until your skin is looking healthier. It will often take a few weeks to see an improvement but this is such an easy step to begin the journey to clear, glowing skin!

If your skin is severely acneic/congested an additional supplement of Zinc may also be recommended to help improve your skins healing capabilities. We recommend Thorne’s Zinc Picolinate which you can purchase online as most supermarket and chemist zincs don’t absorb well if at all on consumption. You should take 2 capsules per day with food. Once your skin begins to improve reduce to 1 capsule per day and then begin to experiment without it! But don’t forget we can also get Zinc into our diet through green leafy veggies and animal products.

The next step in treating problem-prone skin is looking at your skins pH level. An acneic skin is usually more alkaline than it should be so we need to restore the skin to a normal pH of between 4.5 – 6.5. This is done using the ingredient Niacinamide also known as Vitamin B3. This ingredient works by regulating oil production and correcting the skin back to its correct pH level. It also treats pigment reducing the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation associated with picking and redness during breakouts.

The third and final step we need to check the skin for is what could physically be blocking those pores from the outside – Dead cell build up and comedogenic ingredients/products. Taking a full look at the products you are using at home to make sure they aren’t doing more damage than good while also introducing a regular exfoliation and some quality ingredients to help return your skin to a healthy, glowing look. Salicylic Acid is a great ingredient to treat breakouts! It is oil loving, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and digs deep into those hair shafts to clean from the outside in. A Vitamin A in your skincare routine is also a must as it improves exfoliation/cell turnover, speeds up your skins own healing process and stimulates fibroblasts – those cells responsible for collagen and elastin production – to prevent and treat acne scars!

So, we’ve spoken about what you can do at home to treat your blemishes – Now let’s look at in-salon treatments to get you back on track!

Skin Peels and MicroDermabrasions with the possible add on of Extractions will help in clearing your skin by exfoliating the surface debris away leaving fresh new skin on the skins surface. Extractions are where your therapist wears gloves and uses a sterilized needle to unblock your pores and remove bacteria in a sterile environment (unlike picking at home!). Usually following this either an enzyme peel or clay mask will be applied to further draw out any impurities.

Skin Needling will treat acne in a couple of different ways. First off in order for p.acne bacteria to thrive there must be no oxygen present. By using this fine micro-fine needles to pierce the skin we are creating a passageway for oxygen therefore killing off the p.acne bacteria! This treatment will also increase blood and lymph circulation which will aid in waste removal under the skin. Growth factors are released which will speed up skin proliferation revealing healthy, new skin. And lastly, if you have any post-acne scarring we can also perform some deeper dermal treatments what can health and repair textural damage! There is one thing you should know – When treating active acne using skin needling your skin will always look worst for approximately 4 days post treatment so just be mindful of this if you have any events planned.

So this is acne in a nutshell. Obviously internal things can contribute to breakouts and even medications, illnesses, etc, play a huge role in how our skin functions. By taking some of these steps you can definitely improve your skins quality and help make a pathway for a clear and clean face! For any extra information please don’t hesitate to book a facial, skin consult or even simply pop in to see our skin therapists at Sheer Elegance. Our phone number is 49422089 or you can book online.