Winter Skin Solutions Is Back!

We have combined two of our favourite, results driven treatments to give you one amazing offer this winter.

By combining IPL Skin Rejuvenation and DMK Enzyme Therapy Facials we can work on both the internal and external dysfunctions in the skin to give you the clear, glowing complexion you have been looking for.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation helps to eliminate those pesky pigmented lesions and freckles you may have noticed pop up after Summer while also eliminating any redness in the skin or weakened/dilated capillaries. 

DMK Enzyme Therapy is a specialised facial that works on the WHY your skin is doing what its doing. The concerns that you have on the surface of your skin often indicate a dysfunction occurring in the deeper skin tissue. Specialised DMK Transfer Messenger Enzymes are used during the Enzyme Therapy Facial to give your skin a thorough clean out, detoxifying and removing old waste material in the skin to bring fresh, oxygenated blood and nutrients to feed your skin cells. 

The DMK Enzyme Therapy Facials help to re-educate your skin to work optimally once again and treat your skin concerns at a deeper level.

By combining both of these amazing treatments we can give your skin that kick start it needs this Winter in order to provide you with your #skingoals. 

Buy 3 IPL Skin Rejuvenations treatments and recieve 3 FREE DMK Enzyme Therapy Facials!

For any further information please contact the salon on 49422089