Have you ever wondered about laser hair removal?
Are you sick of continually waxing with no long-lasting results?
Try our advanced laser hair removal system today with the most up-to-date & medical grade equipment available!

Motif Vantage Laser Hair Removal is a cost effective way to treat those problem hairs you have spent years trying to get rid of with a safe & comfortable procedure.

The Motif Vantage Laser works by synergistically using laser & RF Technology to preheat the hair target & travel deep down in the dermis to attack the hair both inside & outside for optimal results.

This hybrid laser combines the energy sources of light & electricity to reduce some of the risks associated with other forms of laser hair removal.

Not only is this treatment fast & safe, it is also quite comfortable with the unique sapphire cooling tip applied to reduce heat associated with many other lasers.

Experience the difference today with the cutting edge technology of the medical grade elos Plus Motif Vantage Laser.

We recommend spacing treatments 4 weeks apart until advised otherwise by your laser therapist.

At Sheer Elegance we offer FREE consultations to check suitability for treatments & answer any question you may have about the laser hair removal process.

Book your FREE consultation online or phone 0249422089.

Electrolysis is another form of hair removal which involves the insertion of a super fine needle which travels down the hair passage way creating direct heat at the source of where the hair grows from. This is how we damage the blood supply to the hair so that it can not grow. This treatment is only effective on hairs in a certain stage of hair growth which is why multiple treatments are necessary.

If neither Laser or Electrolysis is for you then waxing is a safe and effective way to getting rid of unruly hair. Though it is not a “permanent” hair removal it will still give you a silky smooth finish with treatment performed every 4 – 6 weeks. We used both a vanilla based wax & strawberry based wax for ultimate client comfort in a clean environment.