Laser hair removal

September 17, 2019 Laser hair removal

I’m sure many of you have heard about Laser Hair Removal before – A friend, auntie, sister, brother, SOMEONE has brought it up in conversation! It’s hard to imagine a razor-free or waxing-free life but believe me, it can happen. In this article we are going to touch on the ins and outs of Laser Hair Removal. How does it work, who can have it, how many treatments will I need and why haven’t I had it yet.


Laser Hair Removal works pretty simply. A laser light is projected onto the skin. This laser light searches for melanin (the darker colouring) in your hair and once this melanin is found the light converts to heat. The heat then uses the hair’s melanin as a vehicle to transport the heat from the top of the hair follicle all the way down to the blood supply the hair grows from. It is here that the aim of the treatment is to damage the blood supply to the hair in turn damaging the way in which the hair is actually produced. Our elos Plus machine uses not just a laser light but also an RF technology to further encapsulate finer hairs surrounding the targeted laser light to potentially further reduce more hairs than other lasers can – YAY!

So in learning how Laser Hair Removal works you might have a better understanding as to why a client with dark hairs and a fair skin is the prime candidate for this procedure. The darker your hair is and the fairer your skin is the easier it becomes for the light to find the hair we would like to to treat! We can also effectively treat some clients outside these guidelines depending on skin and hair colour so speak to your therapist if you are unsure of whether or not this treatment would be successful for you.

Now in saying all of this, the treatment will also only work on hairs that are in what we call an ANAGEN stage of hair growth. Out of the three stages of hair growth – Anagen, Catagen and Telogen –  Anagen is the only stage this treatment is effective on. This is the reasoning behind needed treatments at 4 – 6 weeks intervals to catch all the new hairs that come up and through the skin hopefully targeting them in this Anagen cycle. The more you stick to this routine the faster and better results you are going to achieve. Clients that leave months before treatments end up running the risk of not getting all those new cycles as they come through the skin and actually end up sometimes needing MORE treatments than those who catch the hairs monthly – We don’t rebook you for nothing 🙂

Once you have had your treatment your hairs won’t disappear then and there. It will take 2 – 3 weeks post treatment for your hairs to slowly begin to fall out of the skin and it will be not long after this that any hairs remaining will be due for their next hit! 

The hardest question we get during our consultations is “How many treatments will I need?”. Every person is different. Different coloured skin. Different coloured hair. Different AMOUNTS of hair. We also over our life experience different hormonal changes in the body that can be a hair stimulant. All we can really say in response to this question is that so long as you have the right hair and skin colour and keep on track with your treatment timing you will get the fastest and best results.

Now, why haven’t I had Laser Hair Removal yet? Even myself as a new beauty therapist (many many years ago!) found it hard to believe this treatment worked when I was first introduced to it, but even just after one treatment you can already begin to see results! At Sheer Elegance we are offering clients 20% off Laser Hair Removal services to get you started on that razor-free future. Sheer Elegance was one of the first businesses in the Hunter to start Laser Hair Removal treatments close to 20 years ago! Each of our therapist has at the very minimum 6 – 10 years experience in performing your treatments so you can rest assured you are in great hands when visiting our salon. There is not a better time to give laser treatments a go! Ask your therapist next time you visit to book you in a FREE consultation to find out more information or simply phone 49422089.