September 17, 2019 Sensitivity

Most people that visit Sheer Elegance know they have a “sensitive” skin and are quick to tell us therapists about it as they seem often concerned with what they are putting on their skin! In this article we are going to touch on how to treat a “sensitised” skin, strengthen the skin again and also have a look at how to treat a skin suffering from extreme Rosacea.

Now, the first thing we need our clients to understand is that their skin is not actually “sensitive”. The skin is our bodys’ largest organ and is in fact incredibly strong! Its job is to protect. When our skin is suffering from increased redness it is often because it is not functioning how it should be often due to a barrier problem rather than it being “sensitive”. The redness and inflammation is just the skins way of telling us that something is wrong! Inflammation is the key culprit when looking at a reddened skin and is often accompanied by irritation, swelling and heat. The first step in a skin BECOMING “sensitised” is usually dehydration. A dehydrated skin often paves the way for further issues as the skins most protective barrier – the Acid Mantle – becomes impaired which means a passageway is created for pathogens, free radicals and other nasties to attack the skin. This often then leads to our Langerhans Cells (the cells responsible for protecting our skin) becoming impaired and then eventually an overproduction of capillaries occurs, thus creating redness. When our capillaries aren’t functioning well then important nutrients are less likely to be delivered well to our stem cells and melanocytes which in turn causes pigmentation and healing issues. 

STEP ONE: In treating a reddened skin is by treating dehydration! This is done by getting our Acid Mantle healthy and our skin rehydrated by introducing EFA’s, enzyme exfoliants and checking our cleansing routine – See our blog on dehydration HERE for more information.

STEP TWO: We need to strengthen our Langerhans cells. These cells are responsible for protecting the skin from pathogens. They have little arms that open up and engulf nasties that are trying to enter our skin. Vitamin B3 is a great ingredient to help Langerhans Cells to become stronger & lengthen their dendritic arms for better skin protection.

STEP THREE: Using a topical Vitamin C will help to build strong and healthy capillary networks so that capillaries are less likely to be prevalent on the skin’s surface!

Diagnosed Rosacea becomes a little bit trickier. Once you have taken the above steps we need to thicken the skin and increase its integrity by the introduction of Vitamin A into our skincare routine. Vitamin A will stimulate new, healthier skin cells which will strengthen and thicken your skin. It is also a common misconception that we need to soothe and calm a Rosacea skin when in fact we need to restore it.

Rosacea is often tied to a gluten sensitivity and also 50% of Rosacea sufferers have an overgrowth of bacteria in their small intestine. So before embarking on the road to better skin through treatments we need to also address what could be going on inside that maybe be affecting the skin so seeing a Naturopath for more information is also a great idea!

STEP FOUR: The best in-salon treatment used to target capillary damage & Rosacea is Skin Needling. Skin Needling works by breaking down and dispersing capillary networks in the skin which will lead to repairing and rebuilding new, stronger capillaries. Traditionally we have used IPL to treat redness in the skin – and it is still a great step to reduce capillaries – however it is Skin Needling that will help them to restructure themselves. Alternatively, DMK Enzymes have a great flushing effect on the skin & can also help rebuild & strengthen the skin so you can speak to your therapist about which path would be best for you!

So there we have it – Redness and Rosacea in a nutshell! Obviously the skin is a lot more complex than the few above paragraphs however at least this article gives you a bit of insight into what we can do to help treat redness in the skin and why! If you have any questions or would like any further information about where to go with your skin please phone the salon on 49422089.