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We use high quality waxes to help rid even the finest of hairs.

Caron Strawberry Wax with soothing properties is excellent for all waxing and fabulous for Brazilians!

Caron XXXX Brilliance is a unique white wax with a highly flexible texture for unrivalled and exceptional waxing result. Brilliance actively reduces skin redness, giving your salon confidence and exceptional results in every treatment!

Experience the difference with Newcastle & Charlestown’s waxing specialists!



Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal and it involves the insertion of a fine needle into the hair follicle to disable how the hair grows. 

Our highly qualified Electrologist peforms treatment sessions in 15min – 30min intervals depending on the amount of time required.

Our salon always uses a new Sterile Disposable Needle per treatment session.